EN ISO 24072

Intravenous drip of medicine at the hospital.
Anesthetist Working In Operating Theatre Wearing Protecive Gear checking monitors while sedating patient before surgical procedure in hospital
ISO 24072 MTC03
Health care medical. Closeup hands of mother and sick little girl holding together on sickbed in hospital to give encouragement.
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EN ISO 24072 – Aerosol bacterial retention test method for air-inlet filter on administration devices

The test method EN ISO 24072 is used to evaluate the aerosol bacteria retention efficiency or capability of ventilation filters for medical infusion and transfusion devices using a test procedure with simulation of clinical use. For this purpose, an aerosol is generated, which contains the test strain, and an air flow of the air contaminated with bacteria is forced through the ventilation filter.
The test parameters used in this test procedure are more stringent than in normal clinical use.

The test is based on general requirements for the bacterial retention capacity of ventilation filters for medical infusion and transfusion devices.

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