Test Standard Face & Body

Skin microbiome test standard Face & Body

With a surface area of around 1.8 m², the skin is the largest and most diverse organ in an adult. As a border organ, it protects the organism from mechanical and physical injuries, from fluid, electrolyte and protein losses, but also from the penetration of foreign substances and pathogens. In addition, the skin is home to millions of microorganisms, i.e. bacteria, fungi or viruses, which together form the body’s own skin microbiome. The skin on the body includes 3 typical skin areas, dry, moist and oily skin, which differ in the composition of the microorganisms of the microbiome. The entire skin microbiome has an important and complex defensive function, especially against foreign microorganisms that come into contact with the skin.

A disrupted skin barrier or an imbalance in the skin microbiome (dysbiosis) can affect this important function and lead to skin diseases or even infections.

Our “Face and Body” skin microbiome test includes 8 key organisms that cover all 3 typical skin areas of the face and body in a single test.